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Leslie Hovsepian, Ph.D.


Dr. Hovsepian is a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in the therapeutic care and treatment of children and adults using a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy orientation to meet individuals where they are.


Her primary treatment approach is focused on helping adults and children using best practice - empirically supported treatments. She works with individuals in order to find a unique set of tools to use as effective coping skills for the stressors they are experiencing.


Dr. Hovsepian began her career in medicine which provided a greater understanding of the mind/body relationship. As a result she developed a passion for understanding the brain-behavior connection. In addition, Dr. Hovsepian works closely with families and schools to generalize coping skills and accommodations that support school aged children inside and outside of the learning environment.


Dr. Hovsepian offers telehealth services that are secure and HIPAA compliant. Telehealth offers extra privacy in urban areas as well as  convenience to a busy schedules. Telehealth is accessible from a desktop, lap top or cell phones.


Brittney Castillo, Psy.D.

Dr. Castillo received her training in San Diego, CA. Her experience includes working at a homeless shelter, consulting with attorneys at a dependency legal group, conducting psycho-educational assessments and providing therapy to at-risk youth involved in the criminal justice system.


Dr. Castillo's focus of studies was in forensic clinical psychology. She has extensive experience working in the private practice setting providing services to individuals and families. Dr. Castillo specializes in diagnosing and treating attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Dr. Castillo's clinical orientation is cognitive behavioral therapy, however she is trained in a variety of therapeutic modalities and works from a therapeutic orientation that meets each individual's needs. 

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Breanna Fisher Black, LCSW
License # 102601

Breanna Fisher Black is a therapist and Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) who specializes in treating anxiety, depression, stress, and post traumatic experiences.   She received her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Point Loma Nazarene University, and her master’s degree in social work with a mental health concentration from California State University, Chico. She joins True North Psychology after beginning in nonprofit work with victims of violence and spending time working in the county mental health system with those struggling with serious mental illness. 

Breanna prefers to utilize an eclectic approach to therapy, as every person presents as a unique individual that responds best to an approach tailored to them.  Her orientation is person centered and trauma informed. She draws from approaches that are evidenced based to be effective, drawing from training in Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), Trauma Based Yoga and mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral therapy (CBT) and Trauma Focused CBT, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Motivational Interviewing, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and Solution focused Therapy. 

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River is a trained therapy dog that provides emotional assistance to individuals during therapeutic sessions. Research has shown that therapy animals can provide significant emotional support to a person in distress. Therapy animals recognize anxiety, sadness and fear and move to provide comfort and relief.  

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